My Summer in Colorado
August 24th, 2018
Written by: Tom Settle


This past summer was one for the books.

A Midwestern dude finally got to see what it's like to have some breathtaking landscape at your disposal every single day. I want to recap my summer in CO about both my adventures and my professional work.

Most importantly what brought me to CO in the first place was an internship with Ernst & Young where I worked in Technology Advisory. A field I was stoked to get into, with its breadth of experience it had to offer and wide range of work possible. But secondly and perhaps the most enjoyable was that I went to CO to explore. I big step for me going out there alone without knowing a soul my age. I surprisingly was not scared but more excited. Excited to get on the bike and ride a climb longer than 45 seconds… and also have the ability to hike some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world every weekend.

Pictured here is my last week in CO, my girlfriend and I hiked 14,065ft above sea level atop Mount Bierstadt. My first 14er and one for the bucket list.

It was something truly special having the ability to wake up on a weekend and within an hour and a half, drive has a million different possible adventures to partake in.

The work.

Overall the internship was a great experience, it was not the work I had hoped to be doing, but if there is anything I will say to an incoming intern, it’s that you need to have a positive attitude no matter what and always do your best to make other peoples lives easier. That will go a long way. I can always write more about the specific work I was doing, if there is any interest.

The fun.

It’s easiest to show my summer in pictures but behind each picture comes a great story. I had my camera with me at all times (sony a6000 18–105 f/4) and it got more use than it ever has before. Here are some of my favorites

Booth Falls, Vail

Odessa Lake, Estes Park

Longs Peak, Estes Park

Herman Gulch, Golden

Rocky National Park

All in all, an incredible summer down in just a short 8 weeks out in CO. I hope to go back next year and am still on the quest to find the work that I am passionate about.

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